Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is the value Visual Media Concepts brings to my practice/business and patients/clients?

A: Prior to Visual Media Concepts' entry into the marketplace, this level of program quality, with customization, was not available for less than several thousand dollars. Visual Media Concepts develops professionally produced, very affordable, customizable education programs that healthcare practices or businesses of any size can utilize.

Q: Why is patient/client education important?

A: Studies show that educated patients and clients keep appointments, pay more promptly, and refer more frequently. If a patient/client is not educated about what you do, they do not as readily see the value in your service, and cannot confidently refer business to you.

Q: I currently educate my patients/clients myself when they are in the office. Why is that not good enough?

A: Visual Media Concepts does not replace the education you can provide in the office, it aids you. In addition, our take-home or handout programs educate potential clients/patients that may not have visited your office yet.

Q: How does Visual Media Concepts help me educate my patients/clients?

A: Visual Media Concepts programs are based on scientific studies that document how people retain information. When information is spoken once, the patient has on average 1% retention. When information is read once, the retention is no more then 20%. Visual Media Concepts programs combine visual, oral, and written information. Studies show this can increase the retention to as much as 70%. Retention is the key to learning.

Q: How does the 50% Federal Tax Credit apply to your products? Is my business eligible?

A: The tax credit, established under Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code, was created in 1990 specifically to help small businesses cover ADA-related eligible access expenditures. A business that for the previous tax year had either revenues of $1,000,000 or less or 30 or fewer full-time workers may take advantage of this credit. The credit can be used to cover a variety of expenditures, including among other things, accessible formats of printed materials such as CDs and DVDs. As a small business, your practice is eligible to purchase these specialized educational programs, as well as the equipment required to play them in-office, for 50% below market price.

Q: What customization is available with the education program?

A: The First level of customization is the “about you” information. This is the last segment on the DVD. This segment allows you to say or show your patients/clients whatever you feel is important, most commonly this is your picture, bio, contact information, and hotlinks to your e-mail and website. Level two is to replace all the pictures in all the chapters with your own pictures. Level three is to add a personalized intro about your practice and specialties and/or an office tour. Level four is to replace a specific chapter that pertains to your individual practice/business. Finally, Level five full customization of the entire program.

Q: What equipment do I need to run the education program?

A: No computer is required - a DVD player and TV display are all that is needed: Your equipment investment can be kept to a minimum, and you can purchase everything you need through us.

Q: What do I have to do to get started?

A: Our current clients tell us that this is without doubt the most appealing aspect of our program. There is no manual, no learning curve, no self-study or training. If you can use a DVD player, you can use our program.

Q: Why am I having trouble playing the demo?

A: If our product demos do not play, or give you the option to play while you are in the product description page, the most likely cause is that your flash player must be updated in your internet browser.    Normally in such cases, you will receive a pop up message to update your flash player.  If you are using a pop up blocker with your browser you would not receive a prompt to download the updated flash player

Please follow these instructions:

  1. While in the product description area, hit the Back button on your browser to go to the previous page.
  2. Re-enter the page of the product you would like to view while holding the Ctrl  key. 
  3. You will then be prompted to download a flash player.  Hit accept, you will then need to close your internet browser for it to “reset”.  You will now be able to view the online Demos.