Our products are designed to be effective tools for communicating large amounts of complex information in clear and concise segments that can be viewed separately and repeatedly to reinforce understanding. Our DVD programs are effective when used in office waiting rooms, as marketing tools when given as take-home handouts, educational business cards, or introductory mailings.

Healthcare providers, especially, have found our products effective in educating current patients about the full range of their services so that those patients are not only more satisfied with their own care, but are also able to refer friends and family with confidence.

Visual Media Concepts strives to provide the highest quality programs at an affordable price, and through education and innovation, to improve client satisfaction and increase referral business.

In-Office Education Program

Our In-Office Program is a non-interactive DVD (now with subtitles) designed to make use of waiting time to inform existing clients or patients of the full range of your services. In most applications, this program will run continuously on a TV or computer monitor in your office waiting room.

Take-home Discs

Once you've purchased one of our in-office programs, you'll be able to purchase the corresponding interactive take-home discs. These discs contain the same information as the in-office disc, but are interactive. Clients select the information they wish to view, and can view those segments as many times as  needed in order to gain a complete understanding.

Custom Programs

Custom Programs are interactive DVDs designed for use as an outside marketing tool. In-office education is powerful, but the impact is even stronger as the message leaves your office. Your message will reach people you never could, and best of all, the message is long lasting and can be run over and over hundreds of times.

Website Upload

Placement of any of our interactive programs on your existing website flash format.

Custom Website Development and Hosting

Complete website design and hosting using our content as core information, customized for your business.