"VMCs Podiatry DVD programs provide an excellent tool for today's doctor to practice more efficiently and profitably.  The DVD programs are easy to use, informative, creative, and provide doctors with a marketing tool that no one should be without.  This is an excellent and simple tool for educating our patients for a better understanding of our practice and conditions we treat.  They LOVE the technology."

Dr. Hal Ornstein

Chairman and Educational Team Chair, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management


"My name is Sally Stump and I work for Dr. Weaver at Central Kansas Podiatry Associates here in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Weaver hired me to do his marketing. I have had the pleasure of working with and using Visual Media Concepts (VMC). We have found great success with these DVD's for many reasons. The primary is our ability to educate other medical professionals who think we just cut toenails and treat hammertoes and bunions. Another reason they have been great is we can play the DVD in our office to educate our current patients on additional services that we provide. We also use them at health fairs; it captures the attention of people as they walk by. Once you get the opportunity to talk to that potential patient then it make them a lot more relaxed to visit you in your office. You can then send them home with one of the mini DVD's that is the size of a business card.

Visual Media Concepts also falls in line with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The reason is they can produce the DVD's with subtitles to help those that hearing impaired. Basically within reason any type of devices whether it be plasma/flat screen, DVD player, and/or software, you can get a 50% tax deduction on these items. You can go to VMC's website for information on this at http://www.visualed.org/ . There are so many different VMC programs available to you, whether you want an out of the box program or a fully customized version of the software. The content can be linked to your website.

Overall we have been very pleased with the outcome of the DVD's and I know Dr. Weaver plans to work with Visual Media Concepts (VMC) for additional marketing ideas and content. VMC offers a professional service and is quite affordable for what you get in the packages."

Sally Stump
Director of Marketing                     
Central Kansas Podiatry Associates


Dear Visual Media Concepts,

Thank you for producing the chiropractic educational DVD; I have been playing it in my reception area and the response from my patients has been favorable.

Patients who did not have the "Big Idea" are beginning to ask questions and looking to gain more from their care. This program helps reinforce the message that I deliver in the treatment room. My practice numbers have been increasing steadily since I began using this DVD.

I appreciate the two versions. I am a more traditional chiropractor and use the "straight" version in my practice. This version supports my practice philosophy.

Thank you, again, for producing this high quality educational tool.
Yours in health through chiropractic,

Douglas J. Berry, DC - Cedar Rapids, Ia

"Visual Media Concepts and Chris Pipkin worked closely with the executive board for the ACA Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders to develop a uniquely professional and educational tool that our members are extremely proud to provide to their patients. The DVD  program is easy to use, informative, creative and provides our Physicians with a marketing tool that no one should be without.   

This DVD represents exactly what we do and how we can help people feel better, stay healthy and provide comprehensive healthcare to the public.  

What a truly great product!!"  

Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI, FIAMA
President- American Chiropractic Association Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders - Chicago, IL


"Visual Media Concepts Podiatry Referral Generating & Patient Education DVD program will be a great benefit to ACFAOM members and a unique marketing tool for building their practices.  The ACFAOM Board of Directors reviewed and endorses VMC's Podiatry program. ACFAOM is proud to have an exclusive partnership with VMC to  provide this professionally produced and unique  educational tool for our members to provide to their  patients.  We feel this is a "must have" program for all  podiatrists."

Dr Craig S. Garfolo DPM, ACFAOM 
President - American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine

Visual Media Concepts along with the American Chiropratic Association Council on Nutrition has developed an educational tool that is visually stimulating and highly informative.  Our members will find it extremely professional and easy to utilize for all their patients.  For marketing purposes, this DVD program is easy to use, is creative, and full of valid information that all members can benefit from.

It covers a broad spectrum of topics and ailments to help our patients stay healthy, informed, and compliant.

Donald Feeney, DC, DACBN, CCN

President - ACA Council on Nutrition